The Bitterness and Rage Show

Episode 13: Serving Up the Turkey of Sports with the Gravy of Absurdity

November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving pals. I got an extra special, Thanksgiving-style podcast for you. That is right, I am going to stuff your ears full of sports right off the bone until you fall into a deep coma. I got some turkey porn to kick things off, then the continuing adventures of Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, my first installment of a new semi-regular feature on the podcast: "Athletes, Money and Family" starring Devon Still and Ryan Howard, and I will pick over the carcass that was the once-promising Redskins career of the artist formerly known as RGIII. The gluttony continues with a super special edition of the QSR Spotlight starring Eric Huang, the Junk Food Guy himself! I will then finish our orgiastic feast for the senses with a Swagtastic installment of the Dope of the Week. Hope you wore your elastic waistband pants! In today's episode we rocked out like pilgrims to INXS.