The Bitterness and Rage Show

Episode 8: I’m Broke, I’m Bored and I’m Back!!!

August 31, 2014

Hi everyone! I am back from summer vacation. Summer is over, school is in session and it is time for more podcast goodness. Because so much happened during my vacation, you all get an extra-long, economy sized showgram. N'joy! Today I am joined by the Managing Editor of the Centre County (Pa.) Gazette, Chris Morelli, to talk some college and professional pigskin. In addition I will blather on endlessly about taking the podcast on the road, bathrooms made of chocolate, NFL penalties for domestic violence and drugs, the on-going saga of Michael Sam and how journalists should cover him and the sad stories coming out of Troy. I am issuing my own spin on the Ice Bucket Challenge, which I am cleverly calling the Ice Bucket Challenge Challenge. As always I will have the QSR Spotlight featuring our good friends at Tim Horton's, Arby's, Pizza Hut and Wayback Burgers. I will finish you off with a double dip of the Dope of the Week; one from the college ranks and one from the NFL. We rocked out extra hard in today's episode to Bush. How about that? An extra long show has an extra long description. Wacky!