The Bitterness and Rage Show

Episode 15: It’s a Happy Holidays Clip Show Everybody!

December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays everyone. It is my last show of 2014 so I am taking the lazy way out and re-packaging older material and making it look brand new again just like we will all be doing with our holiday leftovers. Today I give you my appearance last August on Yahoo Sports Radio's Prime Cut with John Granato and Sean Salisbury (friend of the show, by the way). In addition I have a story about Jingle Bells (so timely!!!), the sweetest job in the world and some more thoughts on the Redskins three-ring circus. No QSR, no Dope, just me and my steaming plate of leftover radio McNuggets. I may have a major announcement for youse guys coming back in 2015 so keep on listening pals. In today's episode we rocked out with our stockings out to Nirvana.