The Bitterness and Rage Show

Episode 11: It’s the Sean Salisbury Show!

October 19, 2014

So I could spend some time discussing what is on today's episode, but come on! I got Sean Salisbury! Yes, that Sean Salisbury! We are rolling up our sleeves and talking some NFL with former NFL QB and current Yahoo Sports Radio host Sean Salisbury. We cover Percy Harvin, the Dallas Cowboys, Jameis Winston's draft status, and Griffin v. Cousins. Then, for good measure, we talked about the World Series. He is a man of many talents. In the solo portion of the showgram I spend some time whacking the piñata that is the NFL discipline machine, breaking down why the Kansas City Royals are in the World Series and I recount a horrifying baby pacifier story. We got a QSR Spotlight full of beef jerky, paranoid McDonalds, Ebola's newest victim, Carvel's leap into Pumpkin-themed food, prime rib at Subway and the greatest cream cheese EVER! The Dope of the Week is an old friend from yesterday's Big Three. In today's episode we rocked out to Green Day.