Episode 15: It’s a Happy Holidays Clip Show Everybody!

December 26, 2014

Happy Holidays everyone. It is my last show of 2014 so I am taking the lazy way out and re-packaging older material and making it look brand new again just like we will all be doing with our holiday leftovers. Today I give you my appearance last August on Yahoo Sports Radio's Prime Cut with John Granato and Sean Salisbury (friend of the show, by the way). In addition I have a story about Jingle Bells (so timely!!!), the sweetest job in the world and some more thoughts on the Redskins three-ring circus. No QSR, no Dope, just me and my steaming plate of leftover radio McNuggets. I may have a major announcement for youse guys coming back in 2015 so keep on listening pals. In today's episode we rocked out with our stockings out to Nirvana. 


Episode 14: Attack of the Zombie Cheerleaders!!!

December 13, 2014

Greetings intrepid listeners. Got a steaming bowl of audio goodness for y'all. Today's showgram features Senior B&R Show contributor Chris Morelli, my zombie hands, the college football playoff conspiracy, America's winningest cities (perhaps), bad NFL franchises spreading their toxicity, and Buffalo Jills on the rampage. The QSR Spotlight features lists, lists and more lists, plus Hershey's Peppermint Bark Bites, Kettle Chips, and changes on the horizon for Starbucks and McDonald's. We wrap this up in a nice bow with an America's Team edition of the Dope of the Week. In today's episode we rocked out to Aerosmith.