Episode 13: Serving Up the Turkey of Sports with the Gravy of Absurdity

November 29, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving pals. I got an extra special, Thanksgiving-style podcast for you. That is right, I am going to stuff your ears full of sports right off the bone until you fall into a deep coma. I got some turkey porn to kick things off, then the continuing adventures of Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice, my first installment of a new semi-regular feature on the podcast: "Athletes, Money and Family" starring Devon Still and Ryan Howard, and I will pick over the carcass that was the once-promising Redskins career of the artist formerly known as RGIII. The gluttony continues with a super special edition of the QSR Spotlight starring Eric Huang, the Junk Food Guy himself! I will then finish our orgiastic feast for the senses with a Swagtastic installment of the Dope of the Week. Hope you wore your elastic waistband pants! In today's episode we rocked out like pilgrims to INXS.


Episode 12: Joe Maddon and Other Conspiracies

November 5, 2014

It's another yuk-filled episode my people. Today on the showgram we get another visit from frequent contributor Chris Morelli, who joins me to talk Joe Maddon and the Cubs, college football playoffs, the renewal of the Maryland-Penn State rivalry and the rebirth of the Pittsburgh Steelers. I will also be picking over the carcass that was the World Series, discussing the latest dramas from Ashburn, Virginia, examining the the Milwaukee Brewers attempt at the most excessive promotion ever and some truly gross science. In the QSR Spotlight you get Auntie Anne's, Burger King, M&Ms, Arby's and Pizza Hut on the menu. Finally, the Dope of the Week is the man responsible for stemming the tide of bad publicity for a certain team from the Nation's Capital. Spoiler Alert! He failed. We rocked out to Stone Temple Pilots in today's episode.